While browsing this website, you will come across a few Arabic words and acronyms:


Insha Allah: is the most spoken phrase on earth every day! It is repeated at least 1 to 50 times every day by each of the planet’s 1.82 billion Muslims .”Insha Allah” means “God willing” or “if God wills it” and Muslims say “Insha Allah” whenever they make a statement about the future.

Allah: Arabic word for God.

Sunnah: includes everything the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, did, and approved of.

(pbuh): means “Peace be upon him”. It will be used every time the name of a prophet is mentioned.

Hadith: Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) sayings.

Fatwa: Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar.

Fuqaha: Muslim jurist.




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May Allah bless anyone who has contributed directly or indirectly to this website and anyone who helps knowledge and the truth to be spread insha Allah.